Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Michigan State University, 2007

Relevant Coursework

  • Plant propagation
  • Greenhouse structure and management
  • Tree and small fruit production
  • General and organic chemistry
  • Fundamental soil and landscape science
  • Organic vegetable production & management
  • Floriculture production & management
  • Plant physiology and pathology

Certifications and Training

Federal Pesticide Applicators License, 2010 – 2013

Basic Agricultural Specialist Training (BAST), March 2010

  • Comprehensive training for Plant Health Safeguarding Specialists within the USDA


  • Small fruit production, cultivation, and site management
  • Plant propagation and greenhouse management
  • Selecting and applying pesticides effective in combating a wide variety of agricultural pests
  • Diffusing hostile situations and negotiating resolutions
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, greenhouse and irrigation systems, GPS mapping, and database programs like Access and ISIS (integrated survey information system)

Professional Experience

Plant Protection and Quarantine Technician, United States Department of Agriculture Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program

Jamaica, NY. 2010–Present

  • Provide specialized tree inspection and identify all life stages of the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) and damage associated with its various instars and life stages; distinguish ALB borer damage from damage caused by other plant pests, insects, plant diseases, and vertebrates
  • Provide specialized inspection, regulation, and clearance of high risk propagative plant material, plant products, and pest  identification services in order to control and limit the expansion of the ALB regulated area / quarantine in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, NY
  • Answer and educate public and private stakeholders about ALB signs and symptoms, USDA eradication phases and efforts, existing treatment and remedial measures; obtain treatment releases permits to expedite various treatment and remedial measures critical to eradicate the pest
  • Perform various and complex treatment and remedial duties in order to protect agriculture and the natural environment from the release of high risk invasive pests, potentially invasive regulated articles, and noxious plant pests and diseases. Conduct various treatment and remedial measures with Federal contractors and schedule, coordinate, and oversee Davey Tree Company daily treatment and contract operations
  • Assess compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the protection of U.S. agriculture and other interests from existing high risk invasive pests, potential threats, or prohibited agricultural products.
  • Contact customers and stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and approach everyone with respect by exercising personal and interpersonal skills in order to create a diverse nurturing and creative work environment and to raise public awareness of the APHIS, USDA, and PPQ mission
  • Work in a team-based environment that values diverse contributions while coordinating and planning for multi-faceted program goals

Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer, United States Department of Agriculture Light Brown Apple Moth Program

Moss Landing, CA, 2008–2010

  • Enforced the LBAM regulatory quarantine in 16 California counties by conducting inspections and monitoring pesticide application at production nurseries, commodity fields, and coolers
  • Strengthened relationships with and communicate the regulatory quarantine goals to clients, state officials, county officials, and the general public
  • Developed the LBAM Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices Manual to reduce the amount of pesticides needed to control tortricids
  • Serviced and resolved problems with LBAM detection traps throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz counties as part of an invasive pest survey program
  • Facilitated weekly conference calls with LBAM satellite offices and county agricultural officials
  • Compiled and edited the LBAM Field Guide, create digital copies of the documents using Adobe Acrobat, and keep these documents updated
  • Maintained shared server files to promote collaboration between offices and prevent duplication of information

Research and Laboratory Assistant, Michigan State University Horticulture Department

East Lansing, MI, 2006–2007

  • Performed research on blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, centered on small berry production, cultivars, site selection, and management
  • Worked with private farm owners to help diagnose field problems and recommended various production methods
  • Collected data from trials around the state of Michigan and analyzed the research findings under the guidance of department staff
  • Set up and maintained research plots using Precision Irrigation Scheduling Method (PRISM) software
  • Trained other staff members to use PRISM software and soil probe
  • Compiled field data using Excel
  • Kept detailed daily log of all activities

Greenhouse Caretaker, Rochester High School

Rochester Hills, MI, 2002–2004

  • Maintained the greenhouse during the school year and summer to keep the plants healthy and the greenhouse clean and orderly
  • Designed, installed, and updated the irrigation system
  • Fertilized plants on a weekly schedule
  • Maintained records on plant health, problems, and overall environmental conditions
  • Scouted for insects and pests; used IPM techniques including organic pesticides to control insect populations

References available upon request.